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How to*

How to Procrastinate Wake up early before the sun rises Make a fresh pot of coffee Warm  milk on the stove Feed cat Froth milk and sugar Pour in coffee Open up laptop Check email, skipping over the ones you … Continue reading

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YogArt Camp in photos

I wanted to share some photos from the first session of YogArt Camp.  I have more to say about the camp but for now, all I can muster is some photos.  I’ll be back soon with my thoughts on this … Continue reading

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The Crash

The Crash, its inevitable really. Spending a week away by the sea with amazing women, laughing so hard your face hurts,  dancing in the kitchen, relaxing in the sand, soaking in the hot tub staring at the stars, doing yoga, … Continue reading

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By The Sea

I will be sitting on the sand, doing yoga gazing at the sea, working through some writer’s block and discovering my animal totems while reconnecting with some lovely souls.  I love any time I can spend by the sea but … Continue reading

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August Break – Getting Messy and Big Thanks

Today was the last day of the Girls Empowered Art Camp. I wasn’t quite sure how things were going to go as this was my first time teaching an art camp.  When the girls came barreling in today (and running … Continue reading

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Squam Art Workshop Journal

If you’ve wondered what all the fuss is about Squam Art Workshops, now you can see for yourself in the new journal created by some amazing photographers and artists. “We understand that not everyone can travel to us, so we … Continue reading

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