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Be Present – Life Coaching

Many years ago, I thought about becoming a Life Coach.  Based on my background, degree in Psychology and years of working in corporate Human Resources, it seemed like a  natural fit for me.  I thought about it and wondered the … Continue reading

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Out of the Shadows

This photo of Allie starting longingly outside sums up how I was feeling this winter.  Wanting to be outside but yet needing my solitude.  Wanting to hide yet to be seen.  It was a contradiction on so many levels.  I … Continue reading

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49 Lessons Learned by 49

I turn 49 today and quite honestly that number is so strange to me.  My mother is supposed to be 49, not me!  I sure don’t feel it and most people tell me I don’t look it either, whatever that … Continue reading

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Begin Again

Each Spring, it seems I need to replace the plants on my porch.  I let the ones from last year die off in the winter.  It’s never intentional, it just happens.  Well lack of water and protection from the winter … Continue reading

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Online Dating Part Two

Two years ago I joined an online dating site.  It was quite eye opening.  You’re basically shopping for a date.  Once I got into the flow of it, I had a few first days and I think one second date. … Continue reading

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In a Word – Love

For the past 4 years, I have chosen a word of the year.  Or more accurately the word has chosen me.  Last year my word was TRUST.  I had to learn to trust myself again; trust my instincts; trust in … Continue reading

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When I wrote the draft of my last post, I had an introductory paragraph that explained why I was writing the post.  My lovely friend Amy edited my post and suggested I eliminate that paragraph or move it somewhere else … Continue reading

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