Begin Again

IMG_6561Each Spring, it seems I need to replace the plants on my porch.  I let the ones from last year die off in the winter.  It’s never intentional, it just happens.  Well lack of water and protection from the winter cold is what actually kills them but that’s never my intention.

These new plants remind me that we have the choice to begin again.  We can begin again every day, every minute, every second, if we choose.  If I wake up in a crappy mood or cranky, I can choose to continue down that path or make a shift and change my perspective.  And some days, I stay on the path of crankiness and hey, that’s ok.

As I approach turning 49 this Friday, I have been thinking about all the ways I begin again. This blog is one place I tend to begin again and again and again.  I take these long unexpected breaks but the writing always calls me back.  It’s been over a year and while so many things have happened in that year and 4 months, some things remain the same.  I’m still in the same home,  still teaching Pilates, Allie cat still wakes me up too early in the morning, and my family are all doing well.  Some things have changed though and reflecting back, there have been some huge changes!  I began and ended a relationship, both of my parents lost their precious fur babies, my sister graduated from college and started teaching kindergarten, my mother ‘retired’ from her corporate job and I started an Holistic Life Coaching program.  I have also begun the online dating process again.  So I’m almost full circle to where I left you last year.  Although so much has changed.

I’m a bit lighter in my approach.  In the past, I was looking for “the one”, that relationship that is going to last the rest of my life.  I’m not saying that wouldn’t be nice, of course it would but it’s just not my focus.  Although if it happens naturally, then bonus!  I’m dating, yes, dating.  I’m meeting new people and seeing what develops.  I’m having fun and not jumping into anything too quickly.  Enjoying the ride.  Most have not gone past a first or second date and that’s ok.  We will see what happens and I hope to share more here.

And so, I begin again.


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3 Responses to Begin Again

  1. Barb says:


  2. alison says:

    Insightful – looking forward to the next update on your journey. You are shedding the old and strengthening the new.

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