Some Days…


Some days…

  • the road seems long with no end in sight and then you remember, there is no destination, just the journey
  • you get a phone call with news that someone you love is in the hospital, side effects from chemo forcing her to bed rest…and you can’t quite process it all
  • you get a sudden wave of sadness thinking about a lost love, even though you’ve moved forward, at least you think you have
  • you watch the news and your heart hurts from seeing all the pain in the world and yet you still think love is the answer
  • the clouds roll in and as hard as you try you can’t outrun the rain
  • your mind tells you tears need to fall and yet they don’t seem to come
  • you get complimented on your teaching and it makes the long days totally worth every second
  • you push through the day with little sleep but plenty of energy then the next day you get plenty of sleep but can barely make it through the day
  • you focus a little too much on the scale and not enough on how healthy and strong you are
  • you are so grateful that you didn’t have surgery because now your back feels great
  • you realize you are so lucky to have this life.


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5 Responses to Some Days…

  1. kellyjeanette says:

    Touching. Beautiful.

  2. Meg says:

    I just stumbled on your blog today, from a post your responded to on the minimalists blog. I was so sad to see your blog ends in January 2015, almost one year ago. I enjoyed reading what I’ve read so far. I always wonder why people stop writing, especially when they’ve had a blog for 5 years. I hope you are ok.

    • Melissa says:

      Thank you Meg. I had every good intention of continue to write here but life had other plans. All is well and I hope to get back here in the new year. Thank you for your lovely comment. Happy Holidays.

      • meg says:

        Thank you for responding 🙂 Sorry that life derailed you from continuing to write your blog…hope everything is ok

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