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Butterflies hold a special place for me.  They always remind me of those who have passed away.  When I saw this beauty in my yard, I immediately ran outside to try and capture a photo.  I love how the series … Continue reading

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Standing Out

Do you ever feel when you are in certain groups of people that they don’t really see you?  They see the you they ‘think’ you are or the one they think you should be.  Do you feel like you stand … Continue reading

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Sitting on the beach alone, surrounding by large groups of people.  Children running back and forth splashing in the waves, digging in the sand.  People laughing and chatting.  Its all white noise to me, all I can hear are the … Continue reading

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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

I seem to have a disconnect somewhere between my brain and my mouth.  What I’m thinking just isn’t coming out right.  I’ve noticed it in my teaching this week and I’ve noticed it here.  There are blog posts rolling around … Continue reading

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