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Last week I drove down to Florida for a week at the beach with family.  I never dreamed it would be cooler there than it would be here but it was and it was beautiful.  I always enjoy my time … Continue reading

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Patience and Letting Go

These past two weeks have brought some lessons that I seem to need to be reminded of over and over again because obviously I’m just not getting it! First, the break-up, which I know deep down was right for me … Continue reading

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A Summertime Treat

This weeks prompt over at 52 Photos Project  is to share a Summertime Treat.  I have never been a huge fan of the Peach.  There is something about the fuzzy skin that always turned me off from eating them unless they … Continue reading

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Insect Museum?

I have always been a big fan of older homes.  They have such charm and character so I was thrilled when I found this house to rent. Of course there is tons of history in this house.  I would love … Continue reading

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In the Garden*

This weeks prompt from 52 Photos Project invites you to step outside into your backyard, your community gardens, or your city parks to capture a slice of Summer’s bounty. When I moved into my new home, there were a bunch of … Continue reading

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Almost Friends?

You would think after 6 years that Allie (my cat) and Sammy (mom’s dog) would get along like two best friends.  Instead they tolerate each other…well really Allie tolerates Sammy and Sammy just wants to play.  This is about as … Continue reading

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The Blue Hour

I haven’t had a chance to get out and take a photo for this week’s 52 Photos Project so I’m pulling one from the archives.  This always makes me smile…and think of my Squam by the Sea sisters.

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